Environmental Statement

It is POWERCOUNTRY’s policy to strive for environmental best practice in accordance with the principals of ecological sustainability in the conduct of its business. POWERCOUNTRY is committed to utilising methods, equipment and systems that reduce the impact on and the risk to the environment during its operations.

As a Company committed to the protection of the environment we will:

    • Pursue continuous improvement in environmental care, and where possible, utilise new developments and innovations which will have a direct benefit to environmental protection and the prevention of pollution.
    • Provide appropriate resources and support, necessary to ensure compliance with POWERCOUNTRY’s requirements and the environmental legislation and regulatory requirements.
    • Provide management and instructions to ensure controlled systems of work alleviating risks associated with, and arising from its operations.
    • Ensure this policy is communicated to all employees, suppliers and sub-contractors so that they are aware of their environmental responsibilities in relation to POWERCOUNTRY’s business.